Fiona Ferrer Leoni (1974) is a businesswoman and writer from Barcelona. Her mother was the well-known Italian model Mietta Leoni, one of the creators of the Adlib Fashion of Ibiza and her father, Juan Ferrer, was the first president of the Gaudí Catwalk, as well as the discoverer of designer Claude Montana. Her direct lineage with the fashion world made her grow within this world.

In her youth, Fiona lived in Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, New York, and Miami, where she studied international relations and business communication at the University of Miami. During her period there, she worked at Sotheby´s and was directly involved in the organization of various projects related to MOCA, Art Miami and Art Bassel. 

Fiona was the executive producer of the "Supermodel" and "Fiona Te Necesito" TV programs. She has also been part of the jury of the television program “Cámbiame” and has been a fashion coach of El Corte Ingles. In 2009, she began writing on the blog of the magazine HOLA, where she has two sections, “El Blog De Fiona Ferrer Leoni” and “El Arte de Decorar La Mesa Por Fiona Ferrer”. 

For more than four years she has collaborated with various media such as the newspaper La Razón and the magazine Grazia writing her own opinion columns. She has also published several books such as the WACU Girls saga, “Cuando el tiempo hace tictac” and “Cuentos Para No Perder El Tiempo”. She is currently writing her third novel and fourth book. With these small examples the visionary and precursor character of this entrepreneur is evident, who in many cases went ahead of fashion and business.

Fiona has been a fashion advisor and curator of the chamber of Commerce of Bogotá as well as the Fashion Week of Bogotá. One of her latest projects has been the creation of FFL, which began as a brand of bags and boots that was presented at the Bogota Fashion Week 2019. She subsequently presented a collection of accessories for the Spring / Summer 2019 season where she opts for Colombian crafts together with Spanish crafts. From FFL, she is involved in artisanal work and from here she has started FFL INTERIORISM, where she is currently participating in the design and interior design of a luxury urbanization in Sierra Nevada, Granada. 

This is Fiona Ferrer Leoni, a living woman, a fighter who, despite being a social reference, is faithful to her principles and a tremendous worker with an open and international mentality who likes to work with large teams.