Andrea Guasch is a Spanish actress, singer, and dancer.

She has intervened as an actress in several plays like La extraña señora Vernon (2002), Mulato (2002) or Arsénico por compasión (2004). Also, in the musicals, Annie, the musical (2002) and Peter Pan, the musical (2003), among others and in the feature, films Seeing Double (2002) and El juego del ahorcado (2007).

She has also participated in different TV series: Javier ya no vive solo (2003), DeModa (2004), El comisario (2005), MIR (2007), Hospital Central (2007), Cuenta atrás (2007), Cuéntame cómo pasó (2007), Acusados (2008).

She has participated in many projects on the Disney Channel as the youth series Cambio de clase, she also made 9 short films with the title Baila conmigo, where she taught the viewers to dance, participated in the Disney Channel Games international event and versioned the tune of The Wizards of Waverly Place series. In addition, she participated in "Princess Protection Program" with Demi Lovato, in "My Camp Rock, the final" and in "My Camp Rock, the final decision".

In 2013, she started starring in the musical Hoy no me puedo levantar with her character Maria.

In 2018, she acted in the series "Wake Up" A digital series transmitted worldwide in the Playz platform, acting as the character of 'Dalia' also shares the screen with the Spanish Lucía Gil, Diego Domínguez, Leo Rivera, and Carolina Bona, and with the Chilean Jorge López.