Liam Whaley is a Spanish model and athlete. He was born in Ibiza, in 1996. Son of windsurfers, he starts from a young age in water sports and since Liam moved to Tarifa, at 13, he has had the opportunity to train daily in an ideal environment with the best windsurfers, which allowed him to grow professionally until he became one of the youngest and most interesting promises in this discipline.

He studied at the Morna International School in Ibiza and at only 12 he began to stand out in kitesurfing. In 2011 he participates in the Spanish KiteSurf Championship and he is proclaimed Champion. The following year, he positions as Junior Champion of Europe and at only 16, he got the fourth place as the best kitesurfer in the world.

In 2015 Liam was proclaimed as the World Champion in the Freestyle Kitesurf discipline. In addition, he has managed to reach the top positions in numerous PKRA Podiums (Association of Professional Kiteboarding Riders) internationally including China, Egypt, Germany, Brazil, Venezuela or Morocco.

During these years in the profession, Liam has established himself as one of the best kiters in the world. In 2018 Whaley got the second position in the Red Bull King of the Air. And a year later, in the same event, the third place. His videos of kitesurfing and traveling with friends reach thousands of visits on YouTube.

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